Ashé is a total hair care system designed to focus on transforming hair into it's most healthy state. With so many different products available on the market, choosing what will work for you can become confusing and complicated. Here at Ashé our aim is to bring hair care back to the basics, and provide the essentials needed in a regimen that will work for all hair types. You have the power to transform your hair. Ashé! 


About Ashley Nicole:

Ashley Nicole is a multifaceted young woman that many have grown to know from the E! Network reality series Wags Miami. Before gracing tv screens across the world, Ashley graduated from Tuskegee University and was commissioned into the United States Army Reserves and is now holding the rank of Captain. Ashley is a published model and has been signed to some of the top modeling agencies in the world including Ford and Click. All of these experiences have placed Ashley in many different places and around many different types of people, but all of which have shared a common theme. Ashley has always taken pride in the way that she cares for her hair and has consistently been asked about her hair care regimen. The frequency of these questions gave Ashley the idea to find a way to share with people how they too can have a beautiful healthy head of hair. She decided to create Ashé Hair Care System in an effort to make hair care simple yet effective. AHCS gives you the power to transform your hair into its healthiest state.